Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is Available Now


One of the exciting parts of being a Visual Studio Product Manager is getting to play with new technologies and then bringing them to market.  Today it was announced that LightSwitch is available for download and purchase.  It has been a fun ride since the first beta was announced almost a year ago and I am excited to see developers of all skill levels get it in their hands.  If you are itching to get it now go to: to download the trial.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, LightSwitch is a simplified self-service development tool that enables you to create business applications with minimal effort.  Developing useful applications can be done with designers and if customization is needed, often just a few lines of code or extensions are sufficient.  LightSwitch users are often more interested in the end product than the coding so getting to a solution quickly is important.  However, the LightSwitch application is flexible enough to use extensions or re-target the deployment environment (desktop, web or cloud) often without having to redesign the code.

Or to sum it up more concisely it addresses the development of business application equation:

Data + Screens = Business Applications

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To mark the occasion we recorded Jason Zander’s (Corporate Vice-President, Visual Studio) overview of the product and then a series of sessions on how to use it.  Of the eight sessions I am in two of them which I have links to below.

Understanding the Visual Studio LightSwitch Architecture

Deploying Your Application to the Cloud

Give LightSwitch a try and let me know what you think either through the forums or my blog.

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